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Ever feel like your insurance company isn't giving you what you deserve on an insurance claim?

Inspect Residential & Commercial Damage

We utilize drones and infrared camera to gain a greater scope of any property.

Maximize Coverage

Utilizing your policy coverages to ensure proper payout. Covering your hail, wind, fire, pipe burst, water & tornado damage.

Let Us Handle Your Insurance Claims

We have the specialized expertise to simplify and expedite the claim process.

Let Us Evaluate Your Home

If you have a pending residential or business claim, you deserve a fair and proper settlement. We offer appraisal and umpire services to best mitigate a claim for you.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance policies require the policyholder (YOU) to document and prove your loss to the insurance company. Few people have the necessary expertise or experience to meet this burden. 

A public adjuster understands insurance policies. A PA knows about things like current replacement costs, property repair, business income loss, and other elements of property loss that are critical to getting a fair and proper settlement.

  1. Carefully review your insurance policy. Insurance policies can be long, detailed and difficult to understand. Policies can change from year to year and often require that insurance claims meet specific conditions. Not meeting the conditions can result in your claim being denied or reduced payments for the property loss. A public adjuster makes sure that a claim meets all the requirements of your policy.
  2. Thoroughly document your loss. The public adjuster should prepare your claim, including all estimates, inventories, photographs, and other information that is required to prove the extent of your loss. They can inspect your property loss and submit proof of loss to your insurance company.
  3. Work with the insurance company adjuster to agree on the proper amount owed to you. Usually, the public adjuster and the company adjuster settle the claim without controversy.

It is against the law for contractors – including roofing and restoration contractors – to negotiate your claim with your insurance company. Contractors may not hire adjusters to handle your claim. 

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What people think of Us

Great experience dealing with Ryan! He was able to convince my stuborn insurance company to pay for interior water damage due to roof damage from a hail storm last fall. Highly recommend!
Dale Kapinus
I have worked with First Call Public Adjusters on my roof and they made all the difference in the world. He was professional, on time, an expert, and helped me deal with the insurance company that didn't want to pay anything. I couldn't recommend them more.
Cayce Stone
Ryan from First Public Adjusters was awesome to work with, professional, and very knowledgeable. Ryan worked with the insurance adjuster to get us additional money to help with the cost of adding new plywood to the roof...
Paige Le
Once Ryan took charge we were able to turn everything completely over to him. Ryan dealt with nationwide one on one. He resolve each and every issues we had been facing. I hope We never encounter another situation in which we have to deal with an insurance company, most especially nationwide, but if that occurs the first call I make will be to .....FIRST CALL!!!
Melinda Best